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Quick Start

To use Wiideo Center, you will need to purchase and download the Internet Channel on your Wii (0 points = for free, 233 blocks on Wii storage).

Run the Wiideo Center.exe application on your computer. The computer should have video files, music, or pictures available to it, browsable via a drive letter. Ensure the firewall will allow Wiideo Center traffic to pass through.

Start up the Wii, start the Internet Channel, and enter the IP address of your Wiideo Center computer, followed by :8080/index.jsp Example:

Wiideo Center settings

From the Wiideo Center menu, select Preferences

Stretch Movies
unchecked - will use the aspect ratio from the source movie
checked - will stretch the movie to a 4:3 aspect ratio
Auto-Update Interval
Every 3 hours
Transcoding Profile
High Profile (fast CPU) - 1200kbps video, 256kbps audio
Low Profile (slow CPU) - 400kbps video, 56kbps audio
Old Profile (version 0.3.X) - same as low but audio samples at 22050 vs 44100
Custom Profile - initial setting same as high profile
-of lavf -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=256 -srate 44100 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=flv:keyint=30:vbitrate=1200 -vf scale=400:-2,eq2=1.0:1.1:0.15:0.85 -mc 100

It would be useful to know the meanings of the various transcoding options, for creating custom settings

Wiideo Center uses the Mencoder code from Mplayer, Wiki page. Here is the master Mencoder options page at Mplayer

WiiU Segment-Duration
Duration of the first Segment in seconds. This is the main parameter for prebuffering. If it takes to long for the Video to Buffer a segment, decrease this value
WiiU Encoding-Speed
Encoding-Speed in percent compared to real-time. A value of 100 means your PC can only transcode the Video as fast as it is displayed, a value of 200 means your PC is capable of transcoding twice as fast as playback (eg. a Movie 2 hours long will take 1 hour to transcode). If your PC is capable of more, try to set it here. The bigger the value, the longer each segment of the movie will be.

Example: Duration is 60 seconds, Speed is 200 percent: The 1st segment will be 60 seconds long, the 2nd 120 seconds and the 3rd will be 180 seconds long.

On my old Core2 Duo with 1.3 GHz an encoding value of 170 seems to be no Problem at all. Play around with this value to fit your needs.

Use MPEG-TS instead of MP4
The new default option for Wii U Mode. If it is active then the video will be a real stream, without pre-buffering and vastly improved quality. If this option is active, the options "WiiU Segment-Duration" and "WiiU Encoding-Speed" will be disabled.
MPEG-TS Encoding String
If MPEG-TS is active, this String will be used for the ffmpeg encoder. Change this only if you know what you are doing! You have been warned!

Custom Transcoding Options

-of lavf
Encode using the libavformat muxers
-oac mp3lame
encode audio with the MP3 codec using LAME
-lameopts abr:br=256
encode audio with an average bitrate of 256kbps
-srate 44100
encode audio with a sample rate of 44100Hz
-ovc lavc
encode video using the libavcodec codecs
-lavcopts vcodec=flv:keyint=30:vbitrate=1200
encode video with the flv codec, with a keyframe every 30 frames, and a videobitrate of 1200kbps.
-vf scale=400:-2,eq2=1.0:1.1:0.15:0.85
encode using video filters that scale the source video to 400 pixels wide and to the height that maintains the original aspect ratio (-2)
and use equalizer2 to set gamma(1.0):contrast(1.0)range -2,2:brightness(0.0)range -1,1 :and color saturation(1.0)range 0,3.
-mc 100
maximum of 100 seconds of audio-video sync correction per frame
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