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  • Q: Wii won't open page, how do I open it?
  • A: Start up the Wii, start the Internet Channel, and enter the IP address of your Wiideo Center computer, followed by :8080/index.jsp Example:
Connect the Wii to the Wiideo Center computer via wireless or wired Ethernet onto the same LAN
Verify the IP address of the Wiideo Center computer
Verify the firewall on the Wiideo Center computer allows port 8080 traffic through
Verify the Wiideo Center application is running
  • Q: Is it possible to change chapter lenght?
  • A: use a different profile. Low profiles usually have longer chapters

  • Q: How can I modify model.java and compile it? what to set for classpath?
  • A: its best to use eclipse for this and download the current source from sourceforge-cvs

Q: Couldn't you add the "this.segmentDuration" value as a parameter for the "costum profile" instead to fix it in the program?

I use eclipse and i download the CVS from repository, but when i modify a .java and i try to build it e always get many errors regarding something cannot be resolved, as platform, FileLocator ecc.. did i forgot something? or do I need plugins?

Q: How to use the CVS with Eclipse? something to configure? other way to compile it?

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